What is Truth?

Does truth really exist? How can we know? Who is capable of defining truth?

In answer to these questions perhaps we could ask, “Does the sun shine? Can water freeze? Is life real?” The answers to these questions demonstrate that truth does in fact exist. These are things that can be verified by scientific testing.

However, science is incapable of testing that which is above the physical plane. Science is powerless to measure the truth about God and the power of His Word. Yet how can a person doubt the creative design of God when holding a newborn baby? How can one question His power when observing a life that He has transformed?

Truth, through the power of God, can transform a porn-addicted, arrogant man into a pure, humble husband whose character is Christ-like and loving. Truth will become evident to you when you apply the law of God to your life, find redemption through the sacrifice of Jesus, and allow your life to be directed by the Holy Spirit which God gives to every believer. Have you tried spiritual truth? It is waiting for you.