There Is Evidence for God

People often ask, “Can you prove to me that there is a God?” One man angrily demanded, “If there is a God and He wants me to believe in Him; then why doesn’t he come down here and show himself so that I can believe?” Yet, one wonders, even if God had suddenly appeared in front of him, would the man have believed or would he have come up with some other explanation? If he has chosen to reject the evidence for God that does exist, would anything really convince him?

Interestingly, there are many things in life that we cannot prove with absolute certainty. Yet if something is supported by overwhelming evidence, we can be certain about it, even if it can’t be absolutely proven. The existence of God is one of those things. There are so many clues that point to the existence of God that we can be certain that He exists. When taken as a whole, these clues provide overwhelming evidence for the existence of God. Here are evidences of God’s existence that stand as signposts along the journey of life.

The Evidence of Life

Many scientists today claim that the world began when life sprang from non-living matter. Yet they are powerless to explain why spontaneous life cannot be produced in their laboratories today. They are unable to replicate the creation of life, thereby proving their inferiority to a Higher Power.

The Evidence of Creation

Whatever begins to exist has a cause. The Universe began to exist. What caused it? It only makes sense to assume that it was caused by one who preceded the universe. Who but God meets that criteria? Thus, our universe, including our planet, Earth, is powerful evidence pointing to God.

The Evidence of Design

We see design and order manifested in our created world through the earth’s precise rotation on its axis, its orbit around the sun, the tides, the seasons, and the ebb and flow of life designed to correspond to earth’s movements. “The brilliant hues of sunset must give way to advancing nightfall, and the star-spangled darkness never withstands the approach of dawn. Roses, snowflakes, and rainbows are signposts pointing to the infinite beauty of God.

A doctor explained that he came to believe in God through the study of sequencing DNA patterns. He said, “I realized that such intricate patterns could never be the product of random selection; there had to be a God.”

It stands to reason that wherever one sees design, there needs be a Designer!

The Evidence of Fine-Tuning

Our earth is perfectly designed to sustain life. Its distance from the sun makes it neither too hot nor too cold. It contains a complete system of life with interdependency between its many life forms. We breathe in life-giving oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plant-life takes in carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. The balance we see in our natural world speaks of the order and control of an all-wise God.

The Evidence of Morality

People may differ in their definitions of right and wrong, and yet they all have moral codes by which they live. Even though people may lie, steal, or kill, there is an inherent knowledge that lying, stealing, and killing are wrong. Humans also demand justice for wrongdoing. Even those who declare that God does not exist and that the Bible is merely a human fabrication have a sense of justice which closely parallels Biblical morality. This built-in sense of morality is evidence for the existence of God.

The Evidence of Desire

Mankind has an intrinsic desire for God. Atheists may claim there is no God, but all over the world people’s behavior reveals an inherent urge to worship someone or something greater than themselves. Pascal said there is a “God-shaped vacuum” within every human being—a vacuum that is longing to be filled. Augustine said, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.” The universal desire to worship points to the God who made us to find our fulfillment in relationship with Him.

The Evidence of Eternity

Why do nearly all world religions teach that death is not the end? Men hope for a better life to come. Men inherently believe that life has purpose, and eternity lends purpose to our existence. The hope of eternity in man’s heart is a signpost pointing to God who is inviting all people to come inhabit eternity with Him forever.

The Evidence of a Transformed Life

One of the most powerful evidences for the existence of God is a person marvelously changed from a self-serving life of sin into a person filled with loving concern for his fellowman. Millions of people from all over the world and from all walks of life have encountered God through Jesus Christ and have been transformed by His power.

Individually, these evidences answer some specific objections to the existence of God. Taken collectively, they provide overwhelming evidence that He exists.