Scriptural and Early Christian Perspectives on Divorce and Remarriage

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Key Scriptures from the Old Testament
Key Scriptures from the New Testament
Early Christian Understandings of Scripture on Divorce
Common Questions on Divorce and Remarriage
Common Questions on Divorce and Remarriage continued


In this article we will look first at what the Scriptures say about divorce and remarriage; then we will look at early Christian writings to see if what they believed matches what we read in the Scriptures.

As we study these writings, we will use the following procedure.

  1. When we consult a passage of Scripture, we will consider the whole passage, not just selected sections of it.
  2. We will read each sentence for exactly what it says, not reading in meanings that are not there, and not supposing the author really meant to say something different.
  3. We will note any word or sentence that could reasonably be interpreted in more than one way.