Is there a God?

Many people today are asking, “Is there really a God? How can I know for sure?”

If you have doubts, I invite you to gaze in wonder into our starlit skies. Examine the mysteries of the universe. Notice the intriguing perfection of a newborn baby, so filled with life, love, and innocence.

These are evidences of our Creator God. But are they enough? Obviously, God Himself didn’t think so because He sent Jesus Christ to earth to further reveal who He was.

God’s Word records that Jesus Christ was confirmed to be the Son of God by the powerful miracles and wondrous signs that He did. At His command the blind received their sight, the sick were healed, demons were cast out, and the dead were raised back to life. But in addition to this evidence, Jesus Christ was on three separate occasions proclaimed to be the Son of God by a voice from heaven!

Further proof of God’s existence comes from Jesus, who laid down His life and experienced cruel tortures and the death of the cross as payment for our sins. Then He miraculously rose from the dead and was seen by many eyewitnesses, some of whose accounts we can still read today.

Eyewitnesses also recorded Jesus’ ascension back into Heaven. Angels who were present explained that the same Jesus whom they had seen go into heaven would someday return. The entire world is awaiting that momentous day! Have you been forgiven and cleansed from your sins? Is your heart prepared for His coming?