If God Be For Us

Featured Inspiration

December 17 – 22, 2018


Read: Daniel 6

“If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

Sometimes we face a difficult situation in our life and wonder how we are going to find help. Maybe we turn to our friends or relatives, but nothing works out. We use up all our resources and find ourselves at the end of the rope.

We read that King Darius set one hundred twenty princes and three presidents over his kingdom. He made Daniel the head president. The princes and presidents became jealous and began to look for fault in Daniels life to bring him down but try as they would they could find no fault or error in his life since he was faithful.

The princes and presidents decided to trick the King into making a decree that if anyone would ask a petition of any God or man except for the king that person would be thrown into the lion’s den. This was to catch Daniel since he prayed and petitioned to the God of heaven three times a day. However, Daniel continued to kneel before his window each day in prayer as always and we read that God protected Daniel from the mouth of the lions.

So, what can we learn from the story of Daniel and his God? Is God still the same today? Can he protect us and provide for us in our situations?

God is faithful, able, and unchanging because of His omnipotence. There is nothing God cannot do within the boundary of His character. He is unchanging because He is perfect and doesn’t need to change. As we petition God and spend time bowing before Him, we can trust that He is able to change our situations or to change us.

God is not only all-powerful He is also omniscient. He knows when we are in the lion’s den and why we are there. He knows if we can’t pay our bills and he knows why we can’t pay them. He knows how much we hurt from the death of a loved one and knows how to comfort us best.

God is also omnipresent. Whether it’s in a lion’s den, or a prison cell, or our car. He can be with us through our difficulties.

We should also consider the condition for God’s presence. After Daniel spent the night with the lions, the king ran to the den and shouted into the den, “O Daniel, servant of the living God, is your God whom you serve continually…able to deliver you from the lions?” Daniel was a man who served God continually. Daniel was a man who followed the commandments of His God and was faithful at his job. We also read that Daniel was a thankful person.

Regardless of what we face in life, we can turn to the God who knows the situation better than we do. If we faithfully serve and obey Him with a thankful heart, we can be confident that God will be for us.

~Harold R Troyer