Does life have purpose?

Is there any meaning to this life? Aren’t we just globs of tissue which came about by mindless chance? If so, how can life possibly have purpose?

But what if there really is a God who exists? And what if He actually made us in His own likeness? If so, then each of us would possess a spirit as well as a soul and a body. This would make us accountable to our Maker and mean that we will be judged by Him when this life is over. Would that not give us something for which to live and a purpose greater than ourselves?

Indeed it does, and the power of Jesus can transfer your focus from self to others, and from what you can get to what you can give. Analyze your life’s focus and see whether you have experienced the love of God through Jesus Christ. To know and experience the love of God by receiving forgiveness for your sins and a relationship with God through Jesus will give you purpose which transcends life itself!