Discover why Jesus created you

What are you?

Are you a tiny, meaningless cog within a huge perpetual motion machine that we call the universe? Maybe you are a miniscule blob of flesh that resulted from the largest explosion of all time—the one that people call The BIG Bang? Or, maybe you are a cluster of bits and bytes resulting from a line of code residing on some enormous computer programmed by an intelligent alien with a passion for complex simulations?

If you subscribe to any of these concepts, then you are a meaningless placeholder. You are worthless except to take up space. You have no reason to exist. You have no purpose for being here. You are merely a statistic waiting for an accident to happen. You are totally redundant.

Furthermore, if all of that is true, then you are a just a prisoner in a fancy cage. The only way out of your prison is to die. And then you will just go into oblivion like a dog.


What if none of those belittling statements are true at all? Maybe you’ve been fooled. Maybe you are needed. Maybe you are an important part of this large family we call mankind. Maybe you are an integral part of this marvelous system we call the universe. Maybe you were even planned for, in advance, and personally designed by a creator who loves you. And wants you.

A God who has a purpose for YOU.

According to the Bible God knows how many strands of hair you have on your head. He knows you by your name, and He has a genuine interest in you and concern for you. He has a purpose for you, and He wants you to find meaning in life by fulfilling that purpose.

Your purpose in life is different from my purpose, because God has specifically designed that purpose for you. That is what makes it so special. But there are some things that apply to all of us.

  • God wants us to become His children, voluntarily serving Him in whatever He calls us to.
  • God wants us to love each other.
  • God wants us to serve others, to feed the hungry, and give the thirsty something to drink. He wants us to give clothing and shelter to those who don’t have any. He wants us to visit the sick and the prisoners, and the widows and orphans. These actions are so important to God that the lack of doing them will keep us from heaven. (See Matthew 25:31-46)
  • God wants us to show others that He loves them, and bring them hope of finding meaning in life as well.

Don’t let anyone deceive you. You are someone special in God’s sight. You are NOT just a meaningless blob of flesh, you are a person born in the very image of God. (See Genesis 1:27). You are NOT just a cog in a wheel, or the result of a short line of code in a billion-line computer program. You were created with eternity in your heart so that you can appreciate beauty, enjoy music, and be a creative person.

But until you find Him, you will not find your reason for living. So look for Him, and don’t give up until you have found Him.