A Commitment of Faith

November 6, 2018

Good Morning Fellow Travelers,

Read: Psalm 116

“For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.” Psalm 116:8

There are commitments in this Psalm that, if made sincerely, will strengthen our faith and resolve. As we meditate on them, and join the Psalmist in this statement of faith, we will worship.

I love the Lord.” He could say this because in honestly facing his own need of help (verse 3), and in seeing how God turned His ear to listen, and then answer, his faith was confirmed. He responded in love.

I believed, therefore have I spoken.” Here is a commitment of faith to come to God believing, and continuing to believe. Faith becomes action. Someone has said that we need to give up being a noun, and be transformed into a verb,

I called upon the name of the Lord. He helped me.” Make calling on God a habit of each day. Do we want a greater work? Someone has pointed out to us that prayer itself is the greater work. We need to engage in calling out to God: yea, even audibly.

I will walk before the Lord.” The way is now open for a living walk with God before the Lord and the world. The things that had hindered this walk formerly, are now removed. We have been delivered from death. The tears have been wiped from our eyes, and we are no longer lame.

I will take the cup of salvation.” The work is finished in Christ. It cannot be improved upon. Reach for the cup and drink it to the last drop.

I will give thanks.” The confirmation of God’s blessing in our lives leads us to thankfulness. Through this we pay our vows. Seek for a continuing confirmation of faith. God is merciful.

– James Baer